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My Home's Porch terrace


In this site, I welcome you to get into my guest room and introduce myself to you, to know me better.

 My name is Suprayoga Hadi

(you may call me Yoga, Hadi, or Adi)

I am Indonesian

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 30th May, 1965

I am married with one lovely daughter  

I was graduated from University of Lampung, Faculty of Agriculture, for my bachelor degree in Agricultural Economics in 1987; and Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Department of Urban and Regional Planning, for my master degree in Regional Planning in 1989

I work in the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) since 1990 (before entering BAPPENAS, I had been working in the Agency for Technology Assessment and Application (BPPT) for about one year)

My occupation in BAPPENAS since 1994 is the Head of Subdivision for Regional II Development Programming (Regional two stands for the East Indonesia region)

Since 1990, I have been teaching as lecturer at two private-owned universities in Jakarta: University of Tarumanagara (Faculty of Engineering: Department of Real Estate) and University of 17 Agustus 1945 (Faculty of Administration: Department of Public Administration)

I have been attending many seminars and courses regarding regional development planning, both in-country and overseas seminars and courses

My interests are in regional development planning and local government development fields (you can check some of my papers and publications)

About my hobby? I like working very much and I am a bad smoker! I also like to hear JAZZ musics, especially fusion. I like to sing, especially sing a long with friends in Karaoke Box. My favorite cartoon characters are the Looney Tunes crews, especially the TAZMANIAN DEVIL (TAZ). Since I have been engaging in the cyberworld, my new hobby is becoming a internet hacker. You can visit my homepage in and or my e-mail address at or

So, these are my personal files.and I hope you can know me better from now. I will update my personal files later.


Warm Regards,

 Suprayoga Hadi

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